This assignment requires 2-3 pages in response to the two case vignettes below. 

For these cases you will identify the ethical and/or legal issues involved. Specify the ethical codes that pertain to it. List three possible courses of action that might be taken to resolve the issue, describe your decision-making process and describe which option you believe best upholds the ethical standards of the profession.

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The assignment requires:

Evidence of academically mature insight and use of critical thinking skills.

Clear and thorough articulation of key points.

Compliance with APA paper source crediting and formatting standards.

Minimal to no grammar, spelling or basic writing errors

 Case Vignette 1
 You’ve just started your new job as a counselor at a Native American reservation in Arizona. You’re new to the area and the population. Describe the ethical guidelines that you should consider in your work, particularly concerning assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
  Case Vignette 2
 You’re working at a community mental health center in New York City.   You’re a Caucasian therapist who grew up in a small Midwest town. Your newest client is a 40 year old Mexican woman, married, living with her extended family in New York.   She is unemployed and has two children, ages 8 and 10. She is experiencing severe depression and was referred by her family physician. Discuss the ethical guidelines you will want to consider in your work with this client.