The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to explore and think systematically and critically about an issue or topic in psychological testing (defined very broadly, not just restricted to topics in the textbooks).

  General Considerations

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As indicated on the syllabus, these criteria will be used to evaluate the work of your group: (a) critical thinking, (b) objectivity, and (c) scholarship.

Your paper should probably not be longer than seven pages (excluding references). It can however be longer if necessary. It can also be shorter as long as it’s not therefore superficial. A useful goal is to write as concisely as possible! Try to force yourself to be concise.

I’d like to see these things in your proposal:

The general topic, issue, or question with which you propose to deal. This might be in the form of a question or set of observations. Whatever you find useful. From this material I should have a fairly clear idea what you’re up to. You should too!

A specific, narrower, more focused question. It might be helpful to think in terms of variables.

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(c) Some idea of potential data and information sources. You can use your own experiences and observations, but you should also review research on the topic. By “research” I mean empirical studies–not just what someone said on Oprah’s or Dr. Phil’s program or what you read in an article in the Boston Herald or Mass Media . If you get material from the web, be sure to consider the reliability and presumed validity of what you have! What groups or individuals posted the material? What are their backgrounds and credentials? What biases might they have? Don’t rely much, for example, on what test publishers say about their own tests. Be wary. If you can list some of the primary sources you’ll use in your paper, that would be very help: books, articles, web sites. Try to list at least five books or articles you might use.


  You will write an in depth report on (a) what you see as an important issue or controversy in psychological testing or (b) on the history, validity, and reliability on a test in which you’re particularly interested. I encourage you to work on this report with one or two other students, if at all possible, but you can do it on your own if necessary. If you work with others, you will all get the same grade. You can re-write your report after receiving feedback from the instructor. Before starting on the report please be sure to submit a proposal and to schedule a meeting with the instructor. Your proposal will not be graded.


I’m interested in    (a) what you see as an important issue or controversy in psychological testing  


It should be around 1100 words

Double spaced

Times New Roman