Question 411 pts A contract in the amount of $ 100,000 has a 2%…

Question 411 pts A contract in the amount of $ 100,000 has a 2%…

A contract in the amount of $ 100,000 has a 2% Retainage clause. The amount of work completed in the first billing was $ 10,000, the total amount of work completed in the second billing period was $ 25, 000, and the total amount of work completed in the third billing was $ 30,000. Based on those facts, how much will the contractor receive from the third billing?

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Group of answer choices

$ 4900

$ 15,000

$ 30,000

$ 20,000

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Question 421 pts

Your concrete sample is tested and found to have a slump of 6 inches. What is the implication of this amount of slump?

Group of answer choices

The concrete will be very workable

the concrete will be weak

the concrete is not good

the concrete has too much water

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Question 431 pts

A concrete form for concrete curb that is being used for a roadway can be safely stripped in how many days?

Group of answer choices





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Question 441 pts

OSHA recognizes a group of injuries as the “Fatal Four”. Of that group which occurs most often?

Group of answer choices

Falls from heights


Caught in Between

Struck by

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Question 451 pts

You are the construction manager on a project and see what you think is a dangerous condition on the project. Who should you speak to?

Group of answer choices

the Superintendent

the crew working in that area of the project

the general foreman

The competent person

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Question 461 pts

You are the CM on a large project that has both male and female trades people. The superintendent has plastered the wall of the construction trailer with pictures of scantily clad women. A female workers calls you aside and complains about the photos. What must you do?

Group of answer choices

Make the Super take them down immediately

Speak to the Super and ask him to cover them up when females are present

Put up a sign that female employees are not allowed in the Super’s office

tell the female not to worry as they are not in her office

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Question 471 pts

You are the chief estimator for a large contractor that bids on public projects. You have been invited to play golf this weekend and one of your buddies brings along a new buddy you’ve never met. While playing golf, and after a few beers, he tells you that he is the Chief Engineer for a large public agency and that they are going to be going out to bid in a few weeks for a large project. He also gives you quite a bid of the details of the project. This is exactly the type of project your company does and is looking for. The Notice to Bidders is published 2 weeks later. Can you bid the project?

Group of answer choices

Why not, everyone in our foursome heard the information

No, I have inside information

Sure, I gained no real information on the project

Yes, it was only a golf outing and we were just talking

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Question 481 pts

A plan calls for the installation of an 18″ Ductile Iron Pipe. However, in building the project there is an obstruction that prevents the installation of the pipe. What should you do?

Group of answer choices

Do nothing and call the engineer

Put in a 12″ pipe to get around the obstruction and then use the rest of the 18″ pipe

Install 2 -9″ pipes as they are equivalent to an 18″pipe

Put in the 18″ pipe and use an excavator to bend the pipe

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Question 491 pts

Your step brother, with whom you are not particularly close, gets elected Mayor of your town. Although you never really talk to him and don’t expect to start now, can you bind on projects in the town?

Group of answer choices

No, it is a conflict of interest

No, it appears to be a conflict

Yes, as we have no business relationship and we never talk

Yes, he is not really a member of my family

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Question 501 pts

You are licensed professional civil engineer whose business has been a little slow lately, making it difficult to pay the office rent and your staff. A potential client comes to you with a project that involves the design of an electrical transformer. He has degree in electrical engineering, designed it himself and assures you that it is correct and just needs you to put your seal on it. He offers quite a bit of money to What should you do?

Group of answer choices

Do not sign and seal the document as it is outside your area of competence

Quickly check the calculations and then sign and seal the drawing

Sign and seal the drawing as he’s told you he checked the calculations

Sign seal the drawing as it’s probably okay and will help you over your cash problem

ion 411 pts A contract in the amount of $ 100,000 has a 2%…

Question 411 pts A contract in the amount of $ 100,000 has a 2%…