ARC 3620/22: Architecture from Renaissance through Modern Era – Fall 2021 Giulia Amoresano


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Submit one essay. No late submissions will be considered. Please follow the guidelines very carefully, as your grade is based on how well you structure your essay based on them.


For this assignment you are required to watch the lecture provided below and compose a critical written reflection of 850 words. Your text should include the following structure and be organized:

1. Present the theme of the lecture, the case study presented by the author, and their argument

2. Your position about whether the argument presented is convincing through the evidence presented by the author and why

3. Your analysis of the contemporary relevance of the talk to the history of architecture and your architectural education of contemporary and modern architecture

4. A conclusion about your impressions of the talk, and how it has impacted your knowledge on the subject

Lectures: o Huda Tayob, “Race, Space and Architecture” The AA, 01/20/2020

Impacts of Mongols on Eurasia