Read the following book chapters and other readings for…

Read the following book chapters and other readings for…

 Read the following book chapters and other readings for reference:1. Chapters 1 & 2 (Segui)

2. Chapter 1 (Salmon

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3. Chapter 2, 2015 NSCP Vol. 1

B. Answer the following questions:

1. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using reinforced concrete and structural steel in building construction.

2. Show an example of the design process of an actual finished structure (The structure does not have to be a significant one. Even simple structures like houses or low-rise buildings may also be used as an example.). Discuss how iterative design procedure was applied for the said structure. (You may interview a practicing civil engineer for this one.).

3. Discuss how to perform the following design load procedures using 2015 NSCP Vol. 1 provisions:

a. Live Load Reduction

b. Determination of wind loads on MWFRS using envelope procedure for low rise structures

c. Determination of equivalent static lateral force for earthquake forces on regular buildings using static force procedure

4. Differentiate ASD and LRFD design philosophies. Discuss the basis of each design philosophy, including assumptions on expected material behavior and possibility of overloads. Discuss also why LRFD is the preferred design philosophy for structural steel.