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Develop an appropriate selection procedure for the new elementary school teachers who will be hired. For some of the new teachers, this will be their first real teaching job. Their only experience will have been one year of student teaching before they graduated from college. Others will have had perhaps years of experience. Therefore, you need to IDENTIFY EXISTING PREDICTORS that may be available or DEVELOP SOME FOR EACH GROUP (experienced and new teachers)

Your assignment (Criteria varies based on the occupation as an Elementary School Teacher)

1.Develop objectives, action plan and timeline.

2.Outline potential predictors and criteria and justify the choices you make (based on scholarly sources).

3.Make sure the predictors are reliable and valid and that they measure the conceptual criteria.

4.Describe the VALIDATION PROCEDURES(sequence, e.g.application screening, test, interview) and the selection procedure. (These are analysis methods)

5.Describe the type of training that will be involved in your training program for the chosen applicants (based on your scholarly sources).

6.Be able to give sound reasons (based on I/O principles) for your decisions.

7.Provide the references

Please provide detail descriptions when making the powerpoint. Use scholarly at least two sources.
you can use this link for information about elementary school teachers if needed

Early Childhood Development