Research Paper Due: 11/24/2021 – Papers will be submitted on D2L No late papers and NO exceptions Pick one of the following items to discuss:

1. What is an interest group? Illustrate some of the benefits of Joining an interest group.

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2 There are three main theories about the effects of interest groups: pluralism hyper-pluralism, and elitism. Describe each. Which of the theories seems to you most accurate? Justify your answer.

3. Describe the traditional iron triangle. Explain the issue network that has now replaced in arge part

4. Describe the three ways interest groups try to affect Supreme Court decisions.

5. One of the most important elements of lobbying success is gathering information Explain how and why

6. Describe four primary concerns about lobbying.

7. Describe four defenses of lobbying.

8. Are interest groups good or bad for democracy? Explain your reasoning,

9 What are the roles and functions of interest groups

Paper Format: -Cover page, 3 pages of double spaced information, and a reference page (totals 5 pages) – Minimum of 4 references (WIKIPEDIA is NOT a reference and will NOT count) -Font size: 12 Font Styles: Times Roman, Calibri, or Verdana – Format APA Style: and citation/apa_style/apa_formatting and style guide/general format.html Oct 6, 2021 5:25 PM Lecture 10/06