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Selected Populations

The term selected populations refers to any group who operates outside the major power differential in mainstream society. The criteria for determining a selected population can include age, gender, sexuality, nationality, or a number of other factors. As individuals from selected populations bring with them different types of considerations when they seek substance abuse counseling, becoming familiar with the characteristics associated with substance abuse in these populations is essential for a counselor who works with them.

In this Discussion, you will reflect on the unique needs and characteristics of selected populations related to substance abuse and addiction. You also will consider how substance abuse counseling may address these particular needs, taking into account any challenges and ethical and legal concerns that may arise.

To prepare for this Discussion:

•  Review this week’s Learning Resources, focusing on risk factors, cultural considerations, barriers to treatment, and the focus of prevention and intervention for each of the populations discussed.

•  Perform an academic search in the Walden Library and select an article published in a peer-reviewed journal that discusses substance abuse and/or addiction in a selected population of your choice and that addresses the needs of that population.

•  Reflect on intervention strategies that may be fitting for the selected population discussed in the article, taking into consideration any special needs of the selected population.

•  Select two intervention strategies that might be used with this population.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a brief summary of an article that illustrates the needs of a selected population as related to substance abuse and/or addiction. Then, briefly describe at least two intervention strategies that might be used with this population, given those needs. Provide specific examples and explain how each intervention might be applied.