A) Please watch and then respond to the following questions.

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1. What are the social, mental, and cognitive benefits to the Seniors at St. Vincent’s participating in the Preschool?

2. What are the social, mental, and cognitive benefits to the Children participating in this Preschool?

3. From a cultural perspective what values do you think this influences in our youth driven culture?

4. What effects could this type of interaction play in our cultural issues related to ageism?


B) Watch the following video from DNews: You Actually Can Die From A Broken Heart

1. Have you witnessed the symptoms of bereavement in yourself or others? Did they correspond to the description provided in the video or the textbook? How were they different?

2. How do you think it feels for a person married 40 to 50 years or more to experience the death of a spouse? Have you witnessed this process in a relative or friend?

3. Why might it be more difficult for younger widows to adjust to a spouse’s loss? Why might it be more difficult for older widows to make the adjustment? How are men and women differentially affected by the loss of a spouse?

4. Which of the types of loss do you think is hardest for an individual to experience? Why? Were you surprised to find out that a relationship breakup often has the same physical symptoms as bereavement? How long do these symptoms usually last?


C)Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTWm_aMpzTM and answer the following

1. How have your ideas about yourself changed over the years?

2. What Factors do you think are essential to successful retirement?

3. How do you think creativity can affect successful retirement?

4. Do you have any examples of retired adults who have rewired their lives after retirement?

5. What is your opinion on why we have more self-confidence as we grow older?


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