Consider the scope of what you have learned regarding your social issue. What insights have resonated? What inspiration have you drawn from examples in the Learning Resources? What can one person do to make a difference on this issue? What can many people do?With all of this in mind, consider actions you can take that might impact this issue. What is the objective of each action? What might be gained?

Develop a Final Presentation in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (a minimum of 10 slides, not including title page or references) or essay (3–5 pages, not including cover page or references).

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Include the following:IntroductionSummary of the problemPotential solutionsKey actions that you as an individual can takeObjectives/desired outcomes of each actionExpected objectives for the immediate future and 5–10 years from nowConclusion

The following should be evident in the Final Project:Research (using sources to formulate the presentation)Explanation (articulating the issue or problem to be addressed)Analysis (looking at the connections between the facts and assumptions when discussing your issue)Stance (taking a definitive perspective and calling for specific goals)Understanding (acknowledging any counter perspectives or problems related to proposed solutions)Implementation (listing concrete steps—both personal and collective—that might be taken to solve the problem)

For both the PowerPoint presentation and essay format, be sure to support your statements with APA Style in-text citations.