Response: Evidence-Based and Non-Evidence-Based Programs


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·      Post a response taking a position opposite a colleague’s on the influence of evidence-based programs on treatment practices.

·      Explain whether evidence-based programs are more effective in addressing addiction.


Colleague: Meschell


Evidenced based work gives the reader actual proof of validity and reliability.  When writing work for professions or for a professional paper for your schooling, it is always important that you can back up your research with proof that the information is accurate.  Having this information serves as a foundation and cornerstone for your argument.  If you were just discussing your opinion and not the facts, then you not writing a professional paper, unless you can show how your opinion is based off of research that people have done that supports your argument.  The more support you have, the better your argument. ” The evidence, by itself, does not make the decision, but it can help support the patient care process.” (LibGuides, 2017).



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