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,Q1) In The Stolen Eye, A “brown eyed” person calls out Caroline, (“a blue eyed” person) for her

reaction during an exercise. Jane Elliot interrupts the “brown eyed” woman and instructs

everyone to address Caroline as “blondie” instead of her real name. Jane even has Caroline

change the name on her name tag to “blondie.” Why do you think Jane Elliot paused the entire

conversation just to rename Caroline, and what does addressing her as “blondie” do to

Caroline’s identity (for both Caroline’s perception of herself and the brown eyed people’s

perception of Caroline)? How does that moment translate into real life events that happen to

non-white people?

Q2) In The Stolen Eye, Terry (a blue eyed person) notes that although he is a white man he has experienced hardship and discrimination as an immigrant from Greece, and can therefore relate to the hardships the Aboriginals have been through. He even says that he “knows more about prejudice than anyone in the room” and, in his explanation, suggests that their struggles are equal to his because he feels that anyone can experience same level of prejudice and hardship as a non-white person. Do you think he is correct in his judgement, why or why not? Compare/contrast the personal story Terry gave in his explanation with the personal stories aboriginals told throughout the workshop in your explanation.

Q3) The police officer in The Stolen Eye explained that she did the workshop because she deals with a lot of aboriginal people in her line of work and wanted to gain a better understanding of the discrimination they endure. Do you think law enforcement’s relationship with communities of different races and social classes would improve if they were required to go through a workshop like Stolen Eye? Why or why not?

Q4) Do you think it’s necessary to require law enforcement to go through a workshop like Stolen Eye? Why or Why not?

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