Greetings, and welcome to LE300G Terrorism and the Media, one of several Park University LE300 courses that looks at significant topical issues through an interdisciplinary lens to further understand and pose solutions.

LE300G builds on the course text Terrorism and the Press: An Uneasy Relationship, which explores and explains through case studies – including coverage of the 9/11 attack — why the relationship between media and terrorism has been characterized as paradoxically symbiotic. The textbook considers what experts and scholars in various disciplines – including political science, psychology and military science — have to say about the relationship between terrorism and media.

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To better understand why the media is so attractive and useful to terrorists and their goals, we will look at how the media works — or should work — its norms, values and civic role in U.S. democracy. Over the next eight units, students will learn about the news production process, theories about media and its effects on audiences, and the economic realities affecting the practice of quality daily journalism in the digital era of the 21st century.

Unit Discussions will ask students to view videos of news footage and develop their ability to critique media coverage of terrorism.

The final paper asks students to research the media’s role covering an act of terrorism in U.S. history.

Students should leave the course with a more nuanced appreciation of the relationship between terrorism and the media. It offers students not only an inside look at media during crises but an applicable media literacy primer useful in and out of academia –the ability to decode media messages is an essential literacy in the omnipresent digital media era we live in and work in today.

So, let’s get started! Please locate the Syllabus link and read through the material to understand the course guidelines, policies, and instructor contact information. Pay close attention to the Announcements tab – that is where your instructor will make any announcements, updates, reminders, suggestions, or communications. Use the links below to find the requirements of the course.

To Begin this Course

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