Meiosis Meiosis is an important biological processes that builds upon the foundations set out in mitosis. Instead of creating two daughter cells, meiosis creates four daughter cells, each with half the amount of genetic material that was found in the parent cell. In this assignment, you will demonstrate your understanding of the different phases of meiosis.

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Your task is to answer the following questions, providing diagrams and/or a written response.

1. Draw a diagram that shows the arrangement of chromosomes during the following stages of meiosis (2 marks each): 1. an animal cell (2n=8) at metaphase I

2. a plant cell (2n=4) at anaphase II

3. a plant cell (2n=8) at telophase

4. an animal cell (2n=6) at telophase II

5. a plant cell (2n=8) at prophase II Note: Your diagram should be clearly labelled and show the arrangement of chromosomes.

2. Consider a cell that has a diploid number of 2n=16 (2 marks each).

1. How many total chromosomes does the cell possess?

2. What is the total number of sister chromatids present during prophase II?

3. What is the total number of homologous chromosomes present during metaphase I?

4. How many chromosomes are present at the end of telophase II?

3. Describe the difference between a homologous chromosome and a sister chromatid (2 marks).

Assessment Details Your submission should include the following: Labelled diagrams for all (5) scenarios outlined in the first question. Written responses for the second and third questions.

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