You are expected to conduct further research about the artist and their oeuvre (body of work). Any artist can be chosen for this but Ellen Gallagher, James Luna, Minerva Cuevas or whoever you can find good research on. Please let me know who you choose ahead of time. ONLY CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS.

*** It is highly recommended that you choose an exhibition, view the art live, and write a paper about artwork that you’ve actually seen in person.

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Paper Structure:

Introduce the paper topic and ideas. Then, a thorough background description should lead up to an in-depth discussion of one or two works of art by a single contemporary artist (or collaborative group).

A good paper includes:

  1. an introduction summarizing what the paper is about
  2. a chronology of the artist’s development within the context of either: social, political, historical or artistic movement.
  3. an overview and then a detailed description of one or two artworks
  4. an in-depth visual and contextual analysis of the artwork
  5. conclusion (a summary of the artistic contribution)

The assignment stresses a combination of good visual observation with library data-base research. In addition to the visual observation, you may discuss the artist’s development, how the work demonstrates the artist’s contribution to art history, what is the work’s statement or intervention or how it communicates meaning, how it relates to the culture it represents, how it was received, or what is its social context.

Tessellation by Jason Lane Discussion