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1. What is the primary tool that Windows Server administrators use to create and manage user accounts? Active Directory Users and Computers

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2. What are the two default accounts that appear on a Windows Server system and when these get created? How do they differ? Executive and Guest jobs are the default jobs that for the most part show up on Windows server framework. Despite the fact that they are developed on same framework, administrator mode has separate working territory and access.

3. Why is a strong password policy so important? Strong Password Policy is imperative on the grounds that a feeble secret password can give unapproved access to framework and it can make chaos to the framework.

4. Which option should be set each time a new user account is created? Every user must change the password on next logon.

5. Why is it important to be careful when changing the Organizational Unit membership of an account; what might happen? Moving users between Organizational Units will causes change the user rights assigned to them.

6. What underlying database does Microsoft use that enables Active Directory to use a directory tree structure? Active Directory uses an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) format for its underlying database.

The Primary Tool that Windows Server Administrators Use