I Need this back within 24hrs. APA Format no Plagiarism. 350 words at least.       Please TITLE THE PAGE  Unit 3: Unit 3: Multicultural Competence – Discussion Topics  TopicTopicCounseling is an interpersonal process by which it is assumed that the counselor exerts his or her power to help make change in the client. Because groups and individuals differ from one another, the blind application of techniques to all situations and all populations can potentially be harmful.  Instead, the counselor must learn to make informed decisions for each individual client in his or her unique context.  In order to make some ethical decisions, we must first learn about our client’s worldview, we can then be sure we are applying the correct technique or intervention.  A differential approach to work with each client requires that the culturally skilled counselor be able to generate a wide variety of verbal and nonverbal responses. It is important that counselors practice and be comfortable with a multitude of modalities in order to be effective.

●       Discuss how you might learn about your client’s worldview and his or her identity factors.  What questions might you ask him or her?  Provide at least 3 examples of possible questions you would ask, and explain your rationale for why these questions provide you with necessary information to understand the client’s salient identity features.

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●       Discuss some possible different approaches you could use when working with clients in recovery.