Unit 4: Unit 4: Multicultural Counseling – DiscussionUnit 4 Assignment APA Format. No Plagiarization. Need it back within 24 hrs.


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Unit 4 Discussion PS311: Ethical Practice in a Diverse World    Topics TopicTopicWe’ve examined a few different ethical codes so far, including ACA, APA, and NAADAC, each of these includes specific guidelines for cultural competence and addresses the notion of multicultural counseling. 

●       Choose one of the different ethical codes we have reviewed (ACA, APA, or NAADAC) and discuss that code’s specific approach to multicultural counseling.  What guidelines are encouraged for the counselor? 

●       Based on the Barnett (2011) reading why or why not would you choose to self-disclose when working with a population in diagnosed with a substance use disorder? Choose a specific diverse population listed in the chapter reading (pages 253-268), and discuss how you might work with this particular population.