For maximum points, you each must make 3 posts.   At least one of the three must be an initial post where you start a new thread about something that interested you in the reading or other materials.  You must also make responses to threads started by someone else.  Your comments must be substantive.  “I agree” or “Good post” aren’t substantive and won’t count for your three.

To lighten things up this week, you are invited to share about you vacation plans or whatever else you would like to chat about.  You also are welcome to respond to questions below about Chapter 8.

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One and 2/3  points will be awarded for each unit discussion post.  A post may consist of a (thoughtful) specific or general question about the homework or material covered this unit, as well as a response to another student’s question/post.  Students may be awarded up to 5 points each unit.  Posts must be legitimate comments about the course material and stated clearly so that readers can understand what is being stated.  The instructor reserves the right to disallow points for any posts s/he considers invalid or written so poorly they cannot be discerned.

Initial posts are due by Thursday 11:59 CT.  Final postings are due by Sunday by 11:59 CT. Late submissions will receive no credit.

I will respond to all postings within 24 hours of the assignment due date.  Appropriate netiquette, grammar and spelling are required.

A little guidance for questions is provided:

Chapter 8

  1. Explain the statement presentation of receivables.
  2. Lance Morrow cannot understand why the cash realizable value does not decrease when an uncollectible account is written off under the allowance method.  Clarify the point for Lance.
  3. Tawnya Dobbs, the vice president of sales for Tropical Pools and Spas, wants the company’s credit department to be less restrictive in granting credit.  “How can we sell anything when you guys won’t approve anybody?”  she asks.  Discuss the pros and cons of “easy credit.”  What are the accounting implications?
  4. Describe the principles of sound accounts receivable management.
  5. Describe methods to accelerate the receipt of cash from receivables.
  6. Your friend is uncertain about the advantages of a promissory note.  Compare the advantages of a note receivable with those of an account receivable.

Please respond below…