Unit 5: Discussion


Students are required to make main posts (three to four paragraphs) that address the specific discussion by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. and peer review posts (responses to his or her classmates’ posts that are one to two paragraphs each) by 11:59 p.m. Sunday.  All posts must utilize and cite material from the unit’s course information/readings, including complete internal citations and a reference list.  The main post is worth 10 points the peer review is worth 5 points.

What are substantive postings? Substantive postings include:

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  • Responding to discussion questions as well as discourse between students related to subject matter within the course.  This includes posting responses to others’ answers within a Discussion Area.  A response may express agreement with or challenge to the point of view expressed, supported by references (citations) to the text or lecture.
  • Contributing to the discussion based upon course content, theory, or personal experiences, not simply personal opinions.

Finally, for peer review your response to a previously posted answer must also be substantive, not a simple “I agree with you” answer.

Review the Discussion Grading Rubric located under Course Home prior to beginning.

Reading Questions (Choose One)

Q1- Discuss why the research questions and hypothesis may be considered signposts in research.  Select the three factors that may be the most important considerations when writing qualitative research questions, including relative to your research proposal.

Q2- Describe two to three differences between qualitative and quantitative research questions and explain how this affects the research design. Use specific examples to support your answer.

Q3- How do research questions and hypothesis work in conjunction with the purpose statement?

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