Explain how events such as the Vietnam War and Watergate affected the American public’s opinion of the U.S. government.

Part 1:

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Read the question above and write down what you think the question is asking in your own words.

Part 2:

Use an Internet search engine (such as Google, Yahoo or Bing) to find sources that would help you answer the question. Try to use the advanced search option to limit the number of results. 

You must choose four sources to complete this portion of the assignment.

Two on Watergate

Two on the Vietnam War

You must have at least two different types of sources. Your sources could include a news or magazine article, a topic website, an online encyclopedia, or video.

Submit the following information:

What search engine did you use?

What words did you type into the search engine to get your results?

What sources did you choose? Provide the web address and title of each source.

Example: //  Title: Richard Nixon Biography

Part 3:

Choose one Vietnam War and one Watergate source from Part 2 and complete the following:

Write two or three sentences to summarize each source.

Write what you think the purpose of the source is and who the original audience would have been.

Write at least one sentence explaining how the source helps you explain the way the event affected the American public’s opinion of the government. Declaration of Independence