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Discussion Topic: Voting Rights

The job of the courts is to apply the US Constitution, not to make public policy. That means that if they are doing their job, the specific outcomes of the decision should not be a factor in their decision. Voting rights is important to a democratic society. However, it sounds a lot better in theory than it sometimes turns out in practice. Do we make it easy for all Americans to exercise their right to vote?

Find and Review the following US Supreme Court case: Abbott v. Perez

Listen and/or READ the following:

Read/Research the case and Write a discussion post fully addressing the following questions:

  • Provide a clear, concise summary of the case in your own words.
  • What is the most important issue that is raised in the case, in your opinion?
  • What is the most important provision in the US Constitution relating to this issue?
  • How do we protect the rights of all Texans to vote?
  • How does/did the makeup of the USSC impact this decision?
  • Who or what entity do you believe is most able to deal with this issue in the Texas?
  • What is the status of this issue today?

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