Week 5 Discussion: God’s Existence – Week 5 Discussion 2

From PHIL-101-IDDL1-2022SP

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Respond to one of the following prompts:

  1. Is, or isn’t, for a human being to have an “idea” of God without proof of God’s existence, sufficient grounds to conclude that God must exist? Explain and support your answer.

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  2. Can you think of any experiential fact (e.g., some things in the universe are in motion) that you could use to argue for the existence of God? If you believe that no experiential fact could possibly ever be used to argue for the existence of God, explain why you believe so and provide an example.


Use philosophical support from the readings in your answers. Please keep any direct quotes at a minimum.

This should be at least 200 words, and the initial post posted by Wednesday at midnight. The remaining posts to classmates (at least 3) are due by Sunday at midnight)